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We in the United States traditionally shy away from direct discussions of social status, but a canny manager knows that it's a key driver of human effort. Scarcity means competition – and as economist Thorstein Veblen might remind us, whenever people compete for a limited resource like parking, access to that resource becomes a shorthand for social standing.  
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It’s Bob’s turn… again?!
It's hard to imagine that Henry Ford might ever have guessed that the goods he produced would become symbols of relative status in many sectors of American society, but they clearly have, or else we might see more Fortune 500 CEOs driving inexpensive Hyundais; the recent entries in the subluxury car segment are yet another sign that we like to keep up with (or, preferably, exceed) the Joneses.
But while cars themselves might tell us what the owner can afford, where she parks can tell us just as much about how hard she works, and the kind of esteem her workplace holds her in. (This works in reverse, too – as students at Greenwich High in Connecticut found out, when a scarce resource like parking diminishes, it isn't those with high social status who lose out!)
A favorable parking spot can be a relatively low-cost way to express appreciation to an employee if times are hard, according to Knowledge@Wharton. Even if money is scarce, most companies can afford to designate a plum parking spot close to the door with an outstanding employee's name and a sign that commends their performance. For the cost of a sign, you've made public what you know as a manager – that you notice hard work, and that good employees aren't easy to come by.
Some experts think incentives like preferential parking systems work best when they aren't linked to Employee of the Month programs, though – these can become revolving-door rewards that everyone just waits their turn to win, and they can heighten resentment among employees who might do very well on the job but don't win a few months in a row. So consider linking your preferential parking to watches replica specific and measurable accomplishments, and make room for more than just one person to earn it – that way, you may not get just one high-achieving individual, but several. HR experts suggest that perks like good parking lose effectiveness after around six weeks, so you should ideally choose a scheme that shifts the benefits around more often than that.
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