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Reserved parking signs are essential in any parking lot that has to accommodate both regular employees and a high volume of public visitors: hospitals, watches replica schools and colleges, doctors' offices – even the DMV. In the case of handicap parking, reserved parking is even the law.
Before you commit to a signage scheme, decide what material you want your signs to be made out of. A few aspects to keep in mind:
Except for extremely casual uses where you don't necessarily expect to be taken seriously, 63 mil-thick aluminum is the usual material for parking signage, and sometimes it's the only legal option due to local ordinances.
All handicap access signs must be at least as reflective as Engineer Grade aluminum.
“High Intensity and Diamond Grade” and “Engineer Grade” – they're perfect when visibility from an angle may be a concern, or when the sign will be particularly important at night.
The vast majority of parking signs are 12" x 18".
Although the international accessibility symbol is always blue when used for official purposes…
  Reserved Parking
Many handicapped signs include other colors as well.
  Handicapped parking sign
Likewise, besides the trademark blue of handicap access signs, most reserved parking signs are green.
  Reserved Parking Signs
Though an aggressive red is more appropriate for particularly important areas.
  Reserved Sign
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